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Flora 21-Day Cholesterol - Lowering Challenge

FLORA is going to lower the cholesterol of a whole town, and that town is Villiersdorp!

There are many reasons why FLORA found that Villiersdorp was the perfect little town to run the FLORA21-Day Cholesterol-Lowering Challenge. Villiersdorp is quintessential South Africa.

“The fact that Villiersdorp has a cross-sectionof demographics helps to reinforce the message that high cholesterol isn’t limited to one race, age or gender – all South Africans need to know their cholesterol levels. It is also in a beautiful valley in the Overberg, and has amazingly hospitable residents” says Susan Stringer, Marketing
Director of Flora for Unilever SA.

No other food lowers cholesterol more than FLORA Pro-activ, so the towns-folk of Villiersdorp are guaranteed to see results!

People who test with elevated cholesterol levels will be encouraged to sign up for the FLORA Cholesterol-Lowering Challenge. There will be a specially designed support programme which will teach participants how to cook heart healthy meals, involve them in walks through the town, and body strengthening classes, set them up with a personalised meal plan from a registered dietician, and even get the whole town sokkie dancing!

To follow Villiersdorp’s progress step by step and show your support visit the Flora Facebook page:

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