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Swim For Life

What makes this attempt so amazing?

Reggie Gillespie, 55 years old, is a Cerebral Palsy athlete, also burdened with Scoliosis. He has great difficulty walking, bad hand and eye co-ordination and his motorized function is impaired.
Reggie is attempting this swim to benefit three charities, one of which is Melkbos Care Centre, that feed and care for the local community, the sick and the orphans.

Reggie’s background:

Reggie lives off a government grant and to make an extra income, sells pickles in Melkbosstrand. He is fondly named ‘Mr Pickles” by the local residents.
Reggie has achieved 80 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medallions in the SA Championships for the impaired, represented South Africa in the 1980's in swimming and track & field and in 1997 crossed the Gariep Dam, a 30km swim and completed the swim around Robin Island. He was also been invited to represent RSA in Israel.
Reggie has an amazing capacity to discipline and school himself and he has been seriously preparing for this big swim for the past year.

How can we assist:

Reggie’s safety and well-being during the swim is our main concern, and we will be escorting Reggie with a support craft during the entire swim. Reggie would also use the support craft as a ‘beacon’ and thus the boat needs to be alongside him at all times. Reggie has estimated that this swim could take him 8-9 hours to complete.
We wish to appeal to members to assist us with the cost of fuel for our rescue boat, for,this purpose. If you wish to support Reggie with this amazing attempt please pledge an amount per kilometer, or if you prefer you could donate a sum of money. Every little bit would help. A donation of e.g. only 50 cents per km is the cost of a can of Coke and can be made into TSC bank account, Account no: 2770 830 020 reference “Swim for life”.

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